"70% of UK Landlords have no idea what is about to happen..."

Would you say it was fair to pay tax on your turnover, rather than your actual profit?

In 2015 George Osborne announced a new way of taxing private landlords in a way that no other business has ever been taxed.

If you're a landlord and you rent a property you can be sure that the new "Alice in Wonderland" tax is going to hit you in your pocket.

Did you know:
You will now have to pay tax on the full amount of rent regardless of how much you pay in mortgage interestA 1% rise in BoE rates will knock thousands of landlords into possible bankruptcyMoving your properties into a limited company is not the answerIt's not just landlords but tenants who are already suffering huge rent increases and 'good' landlords exiting the private sector often leaving slum landlords as the only option